Constructing a structure is not an easy thing as it takes a lot of time and hard work. Tall structures are the hardest thing to build. Scaffold are temporary structures used to support a group of the crew in order to build and repair the buildings. Scaffolds can be used to work on buildings even on greater heights. However, scaffolds can be quite dangerous if not set up properly. There are various types of scaffolds used all over the world. Some of them are:-

  • Putlog Scaffold

This type of scaffold contains an exterior row of vertical members which are combined together by means of ledgers which is fixed with right angle couplers. It is also known as bricklayer’s scaffold because they are suitable for only constructing new buildings with bricks as well as blocks.

  • Independent tied scaffold

This scaffold contains of 2 rows of standards having each row joined by ledgers which in turn supports transverse transoms.

  • Birdcage scaffold

Basically, this scaffold is used for interior work like halls, museums, churches, etc. It is an independent scaffold. However, it has a limit. It can only be used for one level, only to provide easy access to places like ceilings.

  • Slung scaffold

This kind of scaffold will be suspended from the main structure by means of wires and ropes. They are very similar to that of birdcage scaffold. However, it has one advantage to it. Unlike birdcage scaffold, it does leave space beneath it. So it can be used in places while they are still operational like cinemas and theatres.

  • Cantilever scaffold

This is a very complex type of scaffold, and it is used to reach some hard areas of the structure. Only one side of the scaffold is suspended by means of the cantilever. The other side of the scaffold is left exposed. It is also an independent scaffold. It can be used to reach places that are not possibly reachable by other scaffolds.


Advantages of Scaffolds

There are many places in a building which can be cleaned or repaired easily, especially when they are at a height. Scaffolds are the best way to reach those places. Some of its advantages are:-

  • Simple access

Any part of the building can be accessed with the help of scaffold. Due to the large variety of scaffolds available, one can choose any type of scaffold and use it. No matter whatever the design of the building is, the scaffolds can easily reach them.

  • Mobility

It is easy to move around in a scaffold with the help of scaffold. Since the scaffolds are not that bigger in size, it can be transported to any place without any problem. The time consumed will be very less, and the work can be completed very quickly.

  • Productivity

With the help of scaffold, a lot of time can be saved and increase efficiency. Without the help of scaffold, it would take a lot of time for workers to reach the top part of the outer or inner building. With the scaffolds, workers can easily increase work efficiency.