An Arborist Report

An Arborist Report is a report prepared by an arborist, who is an expert on trees. An arborist deals with cultivation and study of trees and woody plants. An Arborist Report is a report that provides complete information about a tree. It includes all about the tree, its condition, any issues related to the tree like damages to the tree, any physical or mechanical injury to the tree, and any disease afflicting the tree. It also recommendations as to what action has to be taken.

These actions can include any pest control, injections to the tree, treating root issues, or pruning the tree depending on the tree condition. It also may call for the removal of the tree in some cases. A regular visit by an arborist to inspect trees ensure that it will be in good condition with regular pruning, pest control, and other activities.

an expert on trees

  • Why is it needed?

A report may be needed from an arborist for you to know the condition of the trees in your home or your farm. You may be worried about the condition of the trees, particularly if they are fruit bearing and would want an expert opinion. This would help you to know whether any action can be taken to make the tree healthy again. In some cases, the tree may be old with branches rotting or the root may have become weak and the tree may be on the verge of falling down. In such a situation, a report by an arborist would be very helpful so you can take a decision on what to do next.

In most cases, the report is needed as per law. Many cities and municipalities make it mandatory especially if you want to cut down a tree. According to the laws in many cities, if you want to chop down a tree for any reason, you need to obtain an arborist report.

Apart from individuals, foresters and others responsible for maintenance of trees in parks, and other such places would need to know the health condition of a tree. This would help them to safeguard the tree. Sometimes, when there is a spread of a past infection, an arborist’s services may be required to provide a report on how to treat the problems.

Also, if a tree has to be cut down by a forester, they would need the report from a qualified and experienced arborist. This is as per law and also would help the forester decide whether the tree should be cut down and how a replacement tree should be planted, which tree should be replaced and so on.

  • Who does it?

An arborist is a professional who has studied arboriculture and has extensive experience working with trees. They would have complete knowledge about trees and their diseases. Ideally, someone who is a member of an arborist association at the local, state or national level would be the best person to prepare a comprehensive Arborist Report.