Sidney is considered one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world, and part of this merit is its gastronomy, characterized by the great diversity of organic products from organic farming with which they make their dishes, which endows them of exceptional freshness and quality.

Nowadays, traditional recipes have a modern and avant-garde touch, thanks to the great variety of cuisines from around the world that are concentrated in Sydney, and that constitutes a real delight for the palate.

Sydney is surrounded by oceans, so two of its main ingredients are fish and seafood. One of the most innovative dishes of the avant-garde cuisine of this place is the salad of Balmain Bugs, made with a type of lobster very appreciated on the coasts of the Australian city.

The most common thing you can eat in Sydney

Meat and fish

Among its most common stews, we find fish and seafood such as lobsters, crabs, spider crabs, prawns and yabbies (similar to prawns but freshwater).

As for meats, daring dishes are prepared with exotic meats such as kangaroo, crocodile, buffalo or emu, in addition to other more traditional meats such as lamb or veal, which is the essential ingredient of meat pie, one of the classic dishes Australians

As for restaurants, Fish at the Rocks specializes in the most typical Australian cuisine. Only here we can taste the most appreciated and delicious fish of Sidney, the barramundi. Another traditional establishment in the city is Café Sidney, where the food is exceptional and the views spectacular. Also, the town is populated by Indian, Thai, Italian and even Senegalese restaurants, all located on the same street.

Beautiful holiday homes in Australia

Seafood and fish soup

Typical dishes

Among the most traditional of Australia that you can taste dishes Sydney, it should be noted some recipes whose base are fish or meat, such as steak with oysters, the South Sea fish  (fish with lemon), pancakes lamb with apple or braised lamb. As for vegetarian recipes, we can highlight the chokoes with cheese (stuffed zucchini). The oyster soup is also very demanded, seasoned with celery and onions that give it an extraordinary flavor.

If we had to describe a typical Australian menu, it could be said that in this country, and especially in Sydney, big breakfasts are very frequent, based on steaks and fried eggs. As a beverage at any time of the day, beer is the most consumed.